Can we get a "Things That Are Broken" category?

Seems like one has been needed for a long time. Think it’d make the lives of ST folk easier to have a centralized place to see comments on what’s awry.


We have a “known system issues” category in the community – created wiki, but for whatever reason not very many people have contributed to it. They just post in the forums.

I’ve wondered, particularly given with the significant number of bugs from the last set of platform/mobile app releases, whether it would be of any benefit if there were wiki entries that just pointed back to forum threads, but one of the problems is that when a new bug pops up, there are typically 5 to 8 new threads discussing it in the first few days until they all get consolidated. Once a bug is known then it makes sense to have a wiki page on it, but in the early stages where people are still trying to turn data into information, I don’t know if the wiki is the right place for it.

Anyway, I agree it would definitely be great to have some kind of bug tracker. :sunglasses:

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OK, I have added a “first reports” Page to the “known issues” category in the wiki. You just need to put date, very brief description, and a pointer back to the forum thread. :sunglasses:

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As you point out most people post here and not the wiki. I’d still like to see a forum category.


Many tried before…and got nowhere. Wiki is the way…

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Unfortunately, I am spending precious little effort on SmartThings these days, and that is unlikely to change until they show me they can get their act together.


Requested and rejected more times than I can count…

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