Can we connect Sleep Cycle Alarm to Thing Shield through Hue Bridge?

Hi, I am new to the forum and did some searching on connecting a Thing Shield to a Hue Bridge and then to the Sleep Cycle App but I can not find the setup I had in mind and was curious if anyone had any insight.

Basically I do not own hue bulbs, I have chosen to do my automation using switches, however as many of you know there is not an available fan/canopy module which is compatible with SmartThings. This fan/light combo is located in my bedroom and operates off of a canopy remote which uses a 315mhz frequency.

My plan is to link two projects which I found online, one which turns an arduino into a “universal” remote for the fan, and then use the Thing Shield to trigger the arduino to control the fan. If I can do that successfully I will post instructions on how to do that as it seems there is some demand for this type of device.

I would also love it if these lights could turn on when my Sleep Cycle Alarm app (ios) wakes me. The app has Philips Hue integration, if I purchased just the Hue Bridge, do you think I could control the lights or am I asking too much.

I appreciate any advice and I am thankful for all the information I have gained so far.