Can’t view things

See video below. I can’t get in and view my things. It’s kicking me back out to the main page. Just started about five hours ago.
I turned my phone off and back on. This happens from the main page and from the hamburger menu at the top left when clicking on devices as well.

I can use my wife’s phone and get into everything just fine. She is listed as a member under my SmartThings account.

I tried signing out of my account from the app and signing back in but still happens. If I delete the app and reinstall it on my phone, will I lose all of my saved smartapps and automations? And smart lighting rules?

Have you tried force closing and clearing cache for the app? That fixes most of my problems.

You won’t lose your automations or smart apps if you do a clean uninstall/re-install but you will have to set up your app interface again as far as what order rooms are in, hidden rooms, hidden things ect… That can be painful if you are particular.

I tried to. Did not work I ended up deleting the app and reinstalling it. That worked.

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