“Can’t load your screen” message on a single device

I’ve not been able to load one single device, and I’m receiving the standard “we can’t load your screen” message. The device, an Inovelli red series dimmer running Inovelli DTH, was showing up few days ago. The device is still working and can be controled through web core and its setting parameters are also accessible. Any idea what’s happening?

@Eric_Inovelli, any idea what can be this?

FYI - I posted on the Inovelli forum too, although I did not yet tag Eric.

By the way, have you tried to force close the app and open it again?

Yes, of course, multiple times. The issue actually occurs on multiple devices. However I can open it from the new app but the interface throw an error when I try to change anything…

Hey guys – yeah, I honestly don’t know why this is happening. This is the only instance we’ve seen of this. I have both the Classic and New App and it’s not happening on any of the Dimmers we have installed :frowning:

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What version of the app are you using? Android or IPhone? Have you got any adblocker installed?

@jkp has good experience with similar issue…

Using the latest version on iOS (iPad and iPhone). Every other device open fine, and the switch use to open before as well. I appreciate any feedback. I may try to reset the switch to factory and do a full re-install.

Closing that thread, I removed the associations, un-paired the device, cycled the device power, deleted and re-installed the DTH, rebooted the hub, re-paired, updated one setting at the time, re-added the associations, and it is working, at least for now!

Dang, I think I see the problem… You forgot to rub your tummy while patting your head!

Kidding, glad you got it figured out :slight_smile:

Ah, Ah could well have been the case! Happy 4th to all!