Can’t for the life of me to get the LED indicator working on my Jasco Zwave Plus fan control

I just ordered and installed this switch today and the led only lights up when turning the light on. It blinks a few times when starting up the fan. It won’t light IP when on or off. I would like it to be lit when off.

I have tried the zwave utility DH, different custom DH, On On On Off on the switch and can’t get the LED on either with the switch on or off

Has anyone ram into this that can assist?

You need parameter 3 set to 1. When you change it through the DTH, try watching live logging to see whether there’s an indication that the hub is sending the configuration change to the device. Depending on the DTH, you may also see a report back from the device confirming that the parameter was changed.

You can also try putting the device on the Edge driver below - it has the LED indicator mode included in the settings menu. If you want to go that route, check the list first to see if the fingerprint is currently included. Since yours is a new device, there’s a chance that it’s a newer model that I’ll need to add to the list of fingerprints.