Can’t find Ivory 3 way paddle switch

I’m looking for a 3 way ivory paddle switch. Don’t like the Leveiton wires take up too much room. Any suggestions? Thanks ahead of time

Do you have a neutral wire at the switchbox? And I’m afraid that all of the smart switches are going to take up room in the box, it’s just what the radio requires.

GE does have ivory paddles you can buy for their switches. But they are almost half an inch deeper than the Lutron, so may not work for you.

Leviton also has an ivory panel replacement, and I think they are one of the thinnest of the big brands. Home Depot often has them if you want to try one and see if it fits.

Yes I have a neutral. Have several white ones installed in other rooms none of these are 3 ways or did I miss something ?

Those are the master switches, they all have matching auxiliary switches to create a three-way. You have to select the matching auxiliary, you can’t usually mix-and-match brands as they have different types of wiring.

Unless you are using three-way to mean something else, most commonly in the US, it means a single light controlled by two different switches. With network switches, one of these will be the master and the other will be the auxiliary.

That’s exactly what I need. They just don’t say 3 way. Thanks. So I see the links to the master I should be able to find the slave

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If you read the user manuals for each of them, they will tell you how they can be set up in a three-way and what auxiliary device will be required.

Amazon had them packaged as a set. $48.00 not too bad. Ordered one to try it out. Thanks for all your help!

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