Can’t connect devices to SmartThings hubs; “Tiles Missing”

Hi all- trying to add Sengled light bulbs to the ST hub. I can find the devices and edit the names, but have problems saving. And then under My Home / Things, I don’t see device names but there is a “Tiles Missing” entry for each device. As such, I can’t add these bulbs to a room or much of anything else. What am I missing?


In the IDE under My Devices what device type are they listing as?

Apologies - I’m not sure where to find IDE / My Devices.

FWIW every time I try to edit one of my Things, I get an error message (see attached image).

Once logged in the “My Devices” tab at the top.

Weird - it’s not showing any devices, though I’ve added Things via the app. I’ll poke around a little more and try to figure this out. Thanks all.

Yeah…I figured either the device type was blank/wrong or the devices weren’t there. I would contact support…something sounds wrong like devices got added and deleted but not cleanly.

I am having exactly the same issue. I added for of these bulbs in my loft and only one is working. The other three are displayed as “TIles missing” and I cannot modify or exclude them.