Can’t add new devices and Weather fails to update

Anyone else seeing issues with the app/system

As of this AM I can’t add devices, I get either the error that there is no network connection or there is an issue with the network/server and from the favorites screen the weather won’t load and says updating failed

Not sure if it’s just me or a more widespread issue


Yes, I am also getting the “no network connection” error when trying to add a z-wave device by brand or type.

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just curious … try by brand > z-wave

Same error when trying using generic ZWave for me

report the issue to ST support

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I just opened a ticket thanks

brand/model of the device? do you have devices of the same type installed on your hub?

I did the same.

For me this is stemming from the disappearing Virtual Devices this week. After losing a lot virtual switches and having the associated scenes and automations inoperable, I looked to see what other devices I had still running on DTHs. It turns out I had a handful of devices that didn’t migrate yet but are still functioning. I have two GE ZW4101 plugin switches and one had migrated to the generic z-wave driver. The other was still on the old DTH. I installed Philh30’s GE z-wave drivers and moved all my GE migrated switches off the stock driver, which all worked well. Then I attempted to exclude and add the one that did not. I did the Exclude from the app (multiple times) and it reports it is excluded. I also did a factory reset of the switch by holding the button down for 3-sec while plugging it in. Now I can’t add it by scanning (not found) or by type because of the network not found error.

It won’t let me add any device that I’ve tried - immediately gives the error that there is no network

I should add that this is on the iOS App.

I also get a similar network error message when I try to rename an existing device. I uninstalled/reinstalled the app and now the error message wording is slightly different but the error is still there.

I just tried to rename a device in the new Advanced Web App and I am able to edit the name. However, the old name is still showing in the iOS App. Seems there is an problem in the iOS App.

I sent them some a screen shots and info, they wanted me to send device specifics but I let them know every device type I try gives that error

Also it’s not updating any status of lights integrated with lutron

Everything is draggy today. Feels like overloaded servers to me.

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Looks like it’s coming back, lutron status is slow to update but when I go to add a device it walks through the menus now and the weather is showing constantly, might give it until tomorrow before trying to add anything

This started for me yesterday as well and still cannot add any devices. It seems like my Shlage locks were migrated to edge drivers on 7 July and started acting up on the 8th. I suspected a bad migration and so I deleted my locks and have not been able to add back no matter what I try (using various tricks from the forum). Today I decided to physically replace a fan switch and update another light switch from DTH. Come to find out I can’t add any of the 6 devices and 224 devices still installed. Any thoughts would be much appreciated as I would really appreciate my lock functionality back. thanks