Can ST control a Fibaro HC2

I want to use a Samsung SmartThings (ST) to control my house.
However I live in Australia (OZ) and ST is not released here yet ( no indication if it ever will be )
The ST I have purchased from the US thus its using US Z-Wave Frequencies ( 908MHz)
I have inwall Zwave intergartion ( Fibaro & DHS units) being controlled by a Fibaro Home Center 2 (HC2) which is certified for Australia and runs on AU/NZ/BR frequency ( 915MHz)

So the question is how do I get the ST to control the lights under HC2 control ?.

The HC2 can control lights via HTTP commands to the device. You can to turn, turnoff and dim lights via HTTP commands. I have installed HA-Bridge of github on a server and can emulate the lights as HUE lights. This work fine and Amazon Echo. It sees the devices and can turn them on, off and dim… However ST cannot see the HA-Bridge… Reading the forum for this seems like ST might be checking the mac address for Philips Hue Devices or something similar either way this done not work…

Has anyone managed to do this or similar any ideas would be great

Brian T.


Did you ever get a working solution for this?
Am in the same situation in Aus and looking at options.

Hi Ashley,

The latest version of HA Bridge ( is seen by both Samsung Smartthings and Amazon Echo. So just install it on a system on home network ( eg raspberry pi ) then it will appear as Hue Bridge in Smartthings and Echo and you can use the Fibaro HTTP commands to turn lights on and off via configuring them in ha Bridge. let me know if you find another way of doing it