Can someone make a handler for LG washer

Try adding them manually from the IDE

Unfortunately the devices aren’t even showing up in the LG Connector docker container. I don’t know if they are supposed to auto show up from my ThinQ account, or if I need to give them a static IP and manually add them? When I choose to manually add them to the LG Connector container, my only device type is “TV”.

I had the same issue, now its working fine.

  1. Register the LG devices in USA account
  2. install the docker and provide the ip & port under system setup
  3. Under ST settings , provide your smarthings app url , app id and token
  4. Use refresh token v2.

Hi sorry to bother but the you get a solution

What is the refresh token v2 ? my only device type is TV. I also entered into the lg-config.json file in the config subfolder and I put

“devices”: {
“list”: [
“ip”: “”,(my ac ip)
“type”: “AC”,
“mac”: “xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx”(and my ac mac)

So I changed the json and not working still.

“preset”: {
“country”: “US”,
“language”: “en-US”
“pollingTime”: 1