Can SmartThings(ST) hub v2 configure proxy?

Hi everyone. I want to buy a UK-version ST Starter kit including a hub v2 and use it in Hong Kong, because Hong Kong does not sell ST products and in UK the plug and voltage are the same as Hong Kong’s. However I have two problems:

  1. Will there be any region detection or region lock such that I can not use some sensors or outlets? I want to confirm it.
  2. I know hub needs a lan to work. But in my office the lan is with proxy. If you don’t configure proxy you can not pass the gateway. So here is my second question: can v2 hub configure proxy? what is the tutorial?

Unfortunately it’s more complicated than voltage and plugs.

While ZWave is a global standard, it does not use the same frequency worldwide, the hub you’re looking at uses EU frequencies while in HK you need one to operate on HK frequencies. You would be locked into buying ZWave devices for EU and I’m not entirely sure about the legalities of operating ZWave radio devices in the EU frequency range in Honk Kong.

The devices are indeed region locked in that they try to connect to the SmartThings cloud in the region Therefore your EU origin hub will try to authenticate to an EU shard, with a Hong Kong user ID. No clue how thay may break.

The hub itself does not have any way to negotiate a firewall that requires a login like that. It will be difficult at best. And considering an EU hub should not be used in that country anyway, I wouldn’t attempt to figure out a work around…

Not a v2 but there is a wifi


You can search for it but you can not access the purchase button. Because there is always no storage( monoplized by HKT )

Thanks man. I know the limitation of ZWave because I had a post before asking similar problems. So I will focus on Zigbee devices and discard ZWave devices.
Your following answers mean a lot to me. Maybe I need to try to get an EU account. I have to criticize that SamSung, as an Asian company, does not sell their devices in Asia for individual lol!