Can Smartthings Send Text when Ring Stick Up Camera Battery Drops below 50%

I have a Ring Stick Up Camera battery version outside on front porch that will sometimes fail to connect to our wifi router which is only 15 feet away in a guest room closet but the room has cement board exterior walls and low e glass windows which I think contributes to the problem. I have observed that it doesn’t fail to connect as long as battery voltage is above 40-50%. The Ring app only notifies me about low battery voltage if it gets much lower than that. Is there any way to configure a ST automation that will send me a text if the battery voltage drops below 50% or some other threshhold level so I know to charge up the battery again?

I think you can with an automation. Have you tried creating an automation in the ST app with the camera and see if battery is available?

Yes, but the camera battery doesn’t show up as an IF condition, only the motion sensor feature of the camera.