Can Smartthing live only on 5.0GHz network? (as in no 2.4 GHz available...)

My ST network is set up and works fine. But, apparently, the 2.4GHz is causing major conflicts and bandwidth issues (lots of random major slowdowns, etc.) I am told that radio can be turned off. The modem/router is made by Ruckus and I do not own it…because I would replace it. My last location install had no such issues.

I appreciate your response.

What model is your hub?

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Despite a lot of effort, I could not remove the metal cover (attached to the wall) to locate a model number. Perhaps when tech support shows up I can learn how.

I’m curious though, do you know something about Ruckus and this issue in general??

I know quite a bit about this issue in general (I’m a network engineer who worked as a field tech, although not for SmartThings), but as far as your specific situation, the smartthings hub V1 and V2 don’t have a Wi-Fi radio inside. The V3 and the SmartThings WiFi mesh model do, which is why the model number matters.

I’m confused about why there’s a metal cover over any RF device, though: that would likely interfere with signal significantly. It’s definitely not best practices.

i’m wondering if this is a newer Lennar home. They came with Ruckus wifi and SmartThings hubs and a central network cabinet. Maybe metal cover is the cover for the network cabinet?

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Thanks for your email!

No this is a highrise condo type building. The actual condo is 14 years old. I do not know how old the modem/router is but, it does not ‘look’ new.

I just (again) rebooted the router and it is working properly. But, between now and several hours the bandwidth will fall to maybe 8 megs download. Rarely does it return to spec (a paltry 50 megs).

IT here does not know why this is happening. They have guessed that my mixture of 2.4 and 5.0 devices is causing an issue. That sounds very wrong to me…how many folks have that sort of issue. However, IT tells me I have 35 devices hooked up. They had to allow me more IP addresses as they typically only assign 25 or 30.

My neighbors are NOT technical at all and cannot assist with my diagnosis, meaning I’d like to know if they are experiencing the same issues.

I wonder if there is a utility that would allow me to control the router’s radios?? (That doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.) I would like to ensure that my devices would work w/o the 2.4GHz radio (I have my doubts.)