Can Smart Bulbs be used in a shower stall?

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So bamarayne got me to thinking… while taking a shower this AM, I noticed a light in the shower stall ceiling (new house, still learning). Are there smart bulbs that can be used in a shower, presumably with a lot of mist? Or is my best bet to leave that there and get a smart wall switch to control the light? Currently, all of my bulbs are Hue Color, have no smart switches.

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Does @bamarayne know you were thinking about him in the shower? :slight_smile:

A quick search gives mixed responses.

Hue for example state this:

Can I use hue products in a bathroom?
No, do not use it in wet or moist locations, e.g. bathroom or outdoor.

Guess you need to check with the vendor of the bulbs you intend to use.

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I use a HUE A19 in my shower… it’s been there for years with no problem.

With that said, the in-ceiling can has a glass lens in it to protect from moisture, and the attic side of the can is vented (HUE recommends not putting bulbs in sealed fixtures with no venting).


Most of the individual bulbs cannot. As @brumster mentioned, you just need to check the individual specs for any model you’re considering.

That said, there are some ways to do color lighting features using LED strips intended for swimming pools and ponds, but these tend to be more expensive. Or as @scottinpollock pointed out, there are recessed fixtures which may protect the bulb from the humidity.

So it really just comes down to the exact setup.

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Thanks everyone - I’ll keep looking for a solution. Maybe the wall switch is the way to go here since I already have a bulb in the shower (no jokes plz :blush:).

(Paul) #6

Do you have the option of using waterproof LED strips?

As an example the following is rated IP67 (UK - Protected from immersion between 15 centimetres and 1 metre in depth)

You could use some of that with a remote controller (search Smartlife H801) and power supply.

Just a thought.

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Interesting idea. Thanks!

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I’ve been using a Wemo bulb above my range/oven for almost 2 years now. It’s been exposed to the steam from boiling water without any issues.

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So maybe the lesson here is to use whatever but don’t expect it to not fail. I just don’t want to do something dangerous and burn my eyebrows off.

(Ben) #10

I have been using BR30’s in the bathroom for a year now, and haven’t had any issues. Two of them are directly next to the stall (stall is all tile with a single glass door). I don’t have one directly in the shower stall though.