Can one user acknowledge the intruder alarms?

It seems to be that each user has to acknowledge the alarms in the Smart Home dashboard, or am I missing something?

Yes I think that is the way it is designed. Not only that I had to check the little box saying it was a false alarm or it wouldn’t clear and turn Green and say OK. Could be a problem that is caused by the network problems they are having.

Proper operation of SHM only requires one user to acknowledge.

That hasn’t been my experience. If I acknowledge an alarm, SHM goes back to “everything ok” from the alarm state. My wife doesn’t have to acknowledge the alarm on her phone. I’ve been having issues recently with SHM actually working correctly, just like everyone else, but when it’s working, one user can shut off the alarm.

Edit: Saw this thread on my phone at first, didn’t notice you’re in the UK. I don’t see why that should make a difference but who knows? ST seems to be doing plenty of things recently that doesn’t make sense.

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@marktheknife, I’m based in the UK and it behaves exactly as you describe. We’ve not been impacted here in the UK with the SHM issues our friends in the US have been recently experiencing.
I’m not understanding why @NRG and @joelw135 are experiencing what they’re seeing.

I do find that “dismiss alarm” box to be poorly responsive, even predating the recent major SHM problems. Sometimes I have had to dismiss an alert twice before it would go away.

Glad to hear you guys in the UK haven’t had to deal with this big SHM outage. It’s a real pain in the ass.

Cheers guys for your comments. I’m going to keep an eye on it. We’ve only had the unit for a few days. Most of the other glitches are covered by other treads, so keeping it simple!