Can Now Copy Routines In iOS Update

You can now copy routines in the latest iOS update, can you already do this on Android?


Well, I’m not seeing in the Android App.

So how does it work?

Does it let you select a particular portion of the routine, and copy it, or does it copy the routine in it’s entirety, or both maybe?

it should be called Duplicate. When you click Copy, you get a new window for Create Routine with all the data from the routine you are copying. But it does not offer the ability to click Done until you make modifications.


Wow, something came to iOS first since I’m not seeing the Copy, Edit, and Delete menu options at the bottom of Routines ‘AND’ Scenes in Android like I’m seeing on iOS. And they didn’t even provide a notice with the new iOS about the addition of this new feature.

I hope they offer it to Android soon. I hope they include this new feature with their upcoming Smart Lighting Edge thing (app?) they say will be coming soon.

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That would have been so useful when i was setting up my Ikea Tradfri dimmer buttons.

Identical logic with just different lights/bulbs being controlled.

It is like things are going full circle. The iOS used to be months ahead on the Classic app.


You can also now set a range for numerical conditions. i.e. humidity between 0 and 999.

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