Can Not Log in After Update

My wife & I both have Nexus tablets & since the update later part of last week we can not log back in.
We are able to enter correct email & password
Next page asks for location US
next page says "Enter Activation Code"
enter code hit next & says "Your Code is not Valid"
It is acting like I do not have an existing account which I do.
I was able to sign back into my account on my Nexus5 phone with no problem.
Anyone else have same problem or what is the solution?
Thanks Mike

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Same problem On my wife’s LG phone.
Before update everything work on all devices.


I had this on my smarttiles tablet last night. (Fire tablet running CM 12.1) Figured app wasn’t up to date. Would attempt to log in, but never finished. I moved on to different device to see what I wanted.

Having the same issue. Update and now it asks for activation code. Only problem I do not have that card.

Any solution for the problem???
I see it is not just me or something I am doing.

Couple different things going on here:

  1. Some customers are using a different email address than they initially used when setting up SmartThings
  2. Some customers are being prompted to create a new location on a different server. If you see this, just back up to the main screen and you should see your locations under the hamburger icon
  3. If you are still having issues, email support@

Contacted support on this problem. What you need to do is follow instructions in link below

I did & everything is working fine now.

I had the same problem. Customer service told me the solution. When you log back in to ST app, select “New User”, NOT “I already have account”. I know that sounds counter intuitive, but it worked.