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Can not access device list through the app

(Pavlos) #1

The last 2-3 days I am unable to access my devices through the classic app

I am getting same with my android phone and also same with my ipad.
I have pinged and rebooted my hub through the IDE webpage successfully
Important to note that I am still able to give commands and execute through my google assistant.

Anybody know what is going on or how I can fix?

(Jimmy) #2

Common bug. Rooms should still work.

(jkp) #3

Just curious - when was the last time you added a device? And how many devices do you have?

(Pavlos) #4

I have not added a device in a long time.

I would say i have about 180 devices

(Pavlos) #5

how do i fix?

(Jimmy) #6

You can’t. It’s a known bug. Add your devices to rooms and use the room tab to see them.

(Alex) #7

I occasionally get that too but after a couple retries it works.

(Pavlos) #8

Update: It worked again for a couple of days and now not working again :frowning: