Can no longer switch to 2nd location in app

I have 2 locations with Smarthings (home and office). Generally I’ve been able to switch between them using the hamburger menu in the upper left, then the downward carrot, then choosing the other location (which 4 times out of five doesn’t show anything in the menu, but I know it’s the other location – which is another story).

However today I can no longer switch to my “home” location from the “office” that I’m apparently stuck in. Touching on location brings up the spinner that goes for a bit then just stops.

Anyone else having an issue with this?

Attaching a screen shot of what I see after clicking that blue area which is normally my home location. I’ve tried quitting out of the app and removing it from being in the background, logging out completely and back in, restarting the phone, etc. About to remove the app and re-add it here.

Am able to switch between my two hub locations OK. Response time seems a little slower than usual, however…

Thanks… I was finally able to switch… once. :wink:

There were definitely problems as I started to get some server error pages in the app. I agree though, things have been very slow lately. I can only load my office now, which has very few devices. Loading home (that has over 150 I’ve created) never completes. :weary: Hopefully there are some performance updates going on, but I’m doubtful.

That’s weird. Do you want to PM the email your account is attached to? I would like to see if there is any indication of what is going on in our logs.

Thanks, just send a PM. Am able to get in this morning, just have a couple tasks that didn’t seem to run.