Can no longer search marketplace?

(Josh Stout) #1

Am I missing something or is it no longer possible to search the marketplace (things/smartapps) at all in v2 app? This makes finding things very frustrating.

(Ron S) #2

Look at the bottom row on the first page and then the last button to the right . Click that… You will see things and marketplace.

(Bobby) #3

Good point! I am afraid you’re right

(Ron S) #4

It is but soon we will get use to it (mostly). :slight_smile:

(Bobby) #5

See comment above, applies to yours too…:slight_smile:

(Josh Stout) #6

sorry, i should have clarified, the keyword in my sentence is SEARCH… you can no longer SEARCH through the marketplace for something with a keyword, you must browse through manually scrolling around hoping to find the thing now.

(Greg) #7

Yes, search function needs to be added.

Search by popularity, thing, action, event, keyword, and anything else!


Still waiting for this to be added!