Can mobile phone presence be set up in IDE?

I’m wondering if there is a way to set up mobile phone presence from the IDE (rather than from the SmartThings app itself).

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Pretty sure it has to be done on the actual device. ( because otherwise that would be a huge security issue.) @slagle should know.

Yep, also, we wouldn’t have a way to know what the unique ID for the phone is so the platform can identify them :slight_smile:

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No, and Yes. For example, some of the clients, and depending on the version, will or will not allow you to setup mobile presence without a hub. I found a way around that. I would setup a phone with mobile presence at my house that had a hub, and copy the id (be sure to change the id portion for the location, because that part changes for each location) to the new location that does not have a hub. I found this out by playing around…I needed a way to let my family know I am leaving work, where I have no hub.

What clients will / will not? I will try your suggested approach. Thanks.

I think this might need some rework - I much prefer the way how homekit/homebridge does it …

you can just add a hostname, MAC or IP address and check for its existence … reliable and simple … I was wondering if we could create a device handler like that @slagle