Can I use US SmartThings Wi-Fi in Russia?

Hello! In my county (Russia) I can’t buy SmartThings Wi-Fi. Can I buy and use one from the U.S.? Can I use it with other Zigbee/Z-Wave products from U.S.?

It is probably illegal to use a smartthings hub for the US Or EU in Russia.

Z wave differs by geographic region because frequency used by local ambulances and mobile phones differ and there can be interference.

Russia has its own Z wave frequency which is not used anywhere else.

I believe the most popular way to use zwave there is to get an Eltex USB stick which can transmit on the Russian frequency and use it with a laptop and Homeseer software. But you would still be limited to end devices that also transmit on the Russian frequency, and there just aren’t very many of those.

Fibaro, Sunricher, and Heltun do make some devices on the Russian frequency, but I don’t know where you would buy them.

the problem is that even if you don’t intend to use Zwave, it is probably illegal to own or import a device with that radio, which would include all of the smartthings hubs.

Alternatives to smartthings in Russia would primarily be Yandex or xioami or individual Wi-Fi devices.

Xioami is a Zigbee and WiFi System, no zwave, so you can source the devices from other countries if that’s easier for you and legal to do. You should be able to find a lot of information on them. The company is headquartered in China.

Yandex is a Russian company. You may have heard of their voice assistant, Alice.

Thanks for explanation! But Can I use xiomi devices with Gogle assistant?

You can in most countries, but I don’t know specifically about Russia.

Thanks! I’ve learned a lot.

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