Can I use SmartThings in Germany?

Too bad, i just had the same idea. Any info if they plan on doing a european one?

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Anything new? Now where the CES is rolling? Are there plans to bring SmartThings to Germany?

To the best of my knowledge the situation remains as I’ve stated above. The v2.0 hub announced at CES is the new model I referred to in my first post, above. This is currently scheduled to be available in April but only for North America.

SmartThings have stated that they want to expand into other areas (e.g. Europe, Australia/New Zealand, etc.) but only after they have things working properly for North America. Now that they are backed by Samsung it should be much easier for them to support this expansion (and there is likely a larger internal imperative for such expansion as well), but there have been no announcements or statements as to when that may occur.

Well ZigBee devices are the same in both America and Europe, so if you just stick to those, then you’ll be able to use them when you get the European hub :wink:

Hey guys, I was at Samsung’s european forum in Monaco last month, where they announced Smartthings’ launch in Europe in 2015. No mention of a specific date. When I asked around (my company is a Samsung partner) I was told that there is no specific plan in motion yet (at least the europeans were not aware of a specific plan). So I guess they will be launching here towards the end of the year. Or maybe start of next year if there are delays (there usually are delays for a couple of months).

Hope this helps,

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Hi Nick. Thanks a lot for your intel! We really appreciate this. So unfortunatly we still have to wait and hope for an soon release. But it is good to see, that they still know we are out there :wink:

Just wanted to report that I imported UK V2 to Germany and it works beautifully. No issues or limitations whatsoever.


where did you get it from? I am in Germany too and can only find the v1 on the Currys site in the UK…

Bought it via Borderlinx concierge service at the Samsung online store.

Hey Forming,

I am from Germany too. I saw that it’s possible to order via ebay the V2 edition for round about 120€ including shipping.

My question. The language can only set as Irish or Britain, right? Are there any issues for using in Germany? Will it ask for creating an account where I am living? When I can’t choose Germany, maybe Weatherforcasts in the Software doesn’t work or fit.
At the moment I am using Devolo smart home and here the Weather forecast for my home appears at home screen in software.
Smartthings support can’t tell me when Release will be planed in Germany officially.

Hope you can help me with my question for using V2 I’m Germany.
Thank you and greetings!

Hey, there is no German interface. But again, works just fine in Germany. You can set any home location in the world within the app. Not sure what you mean by weather. ST doesn’t factor in weather. Location is just for geo-fenced actions.

I just added an amazon echo to my ST hub here in Germany. That one indeed has weather issues as I can’t lock in a location outside of the US. I’d still recommend an Echo to any ST user, even outside the US.

Thanks for the info! And what Kind of products do you use with this hub? Now I am interested again. I almost bought an Insteon System. But now I can check smartthings again. Can I plugin every product from they´re store and use it in Germany?

You can use any compatible product that is listed for the UK version. I am using a lot of different Fibaro stuff like motion sensors and roller shutters. I also have lifx and hue integrated. Also Sonos. Sensative Strips for Windows work fine as well. I Also have the Aeon siren.

Only pain are roller shutters. Smartthings refuses to support those properly.

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Hi, I live in Denmark. I bought a UK version and got it sent to and they then sent it to me. (Cause Samsung UK only sends to UK).

Works perfectly well. You can do the same.

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Thanks again for all that informations. I think I will give it a try. I will post, when everything is set up. Cheers

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I want so say that it s working fine in Germany. Im using it now !

For Devolo (Danfoss) Thermostats and the including or “E5” error have a look at:

It s solved! :slight_smile:

Greetings from Germany

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I am planning to use SmartThings in Germany as well. I have a question to all using this already in Germany:

Which AC-adapter do you use to powering this small thing up? I do not want to use a travel adapter.

Thanks in advanced!

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Hello Tobias,

I don’t know what exact adapter you could use but I use the standard UK adapter with a travel EU adapter here in the Netherlands. Works like a charm! Just don’t use a cheap adapter that compromises on safety.


Should be something like this
I ordered this and can give you feedback.

At least: Everything fine in Germany.
It works great with Worldwide Zigbee and the EU Z-Wave Products. Also Tado Heating works great.
No problems at all - no crashes etc for months :slight_smile:

For information:
Used products are: Devolo Thermostats (like danfoss LC13), Fibaro Smoke and DoorSensors, Centralight (Keypad 3400) and Aeon Labs Powermeter and Motion Sensor and TADO Heating Thermostat via Smartapps and new Device Handler.

Thank you for your support. :slight_smile: