Can I use Smartthings Classic with New Smartthings App concurrently?

(Ma Lu) #1

I am using Smartthings Classic for a long time and would like to purchase the new Smartthings Hub v3 and start using it with the new Smartthings App. Question is can I continue to use current Smartthings Classic with existing settings and set-up new devices using the New App or can I use only one App?

Also can I set-up the new Hub v3 on same account?

(Jimmy) #2

If you are using a Samsung login, yes.

(Ma Lu) #3

Yes my login is also used in other Samsung accounts


I do. I couldn’t get some sensors to configure properly in the new Smartthings app. Switched to Smartthings classic and was able to configure them. When I go back to the new app, they are there and work as they should.