Can I use GE Z-Wave Fan Switch as Regular Switch?

A storm last night killed one of my GE Z-Wave Light switches. I have a spare GE Z-Wave Fan Switch. Would changing the device handler let me use this fan switch as a standard Light switch?

Dont use that product, but don’t see why not, as long as the fan switch is suitably rated.
A switch is simply a set of contacts that open and close. It doesn’t know whats attached.

There are several different kinds of switches that are not just binary on/off relays.

The fact that the fan switch allows for 3 different speeds makes it not “just a switch.”

In the same way that you can’t use a dimmer switch with all light fixtures, you can’t use the fan switch just as a light switch in all situations and get successful results.

I would check with the manufacturer’s support to find out what they recommend and any cautions they might have.