Can I use double tap on a GE 14292 to control a zigbee bulb?

I am pretty sure I already know the answer but after a search I didn’t really see it discussed recently.

Any way to get my zwave plus switches (GE 14292 and/or 14291) to control a zigbee bulb with double tap? A special handler I can’t find? a “middle-man” device setup?

I do know I can make the bulbs come on with an automation but I think I can only set it up with a single tap? Or can I setup an automation that triggers OTHER devices with double tap?

Just figured I’d check!

You just use the regular smart light feature. The switch talks to the hub, the hub talk to the bulb, everything works fine. The hub is your “man in the middle” for most things. The switch talks to the hub, the hub talks to the bulb, everything works fine. The hub is your “man in the middle” for most things. :sunglasses: As long as both devices talk to the hub, you’re all set.

Depending on the device type handler you are using for the switch, normally the tap and double tap are sent to the hub as buttons, just like buttons on a handheld remote. So you will be selecting which button to control the bulb. Which DTH are you using for the switch?

OK, I thought it would work like you said but so far the ONLY devices I can get my GE Zwave Plus switch to control with Double-tap are Zwave devices ONLY. ie I have zwave bulbs and zigbee bulbs. Double tap controls zwave, not zigbee.

I am using: GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus On/Off Switch as the “type” (handler) from dropdown. I dont think I added that handler myself but I can’t remember. I have honestly added so many handlers I dont know which are mine and which are “stock”

As an aside when I have added these GE plus switches, the stock handler was a Generic Zwave switch, I had to go in and change it myself before I could program what the device does with single and double taps.

If it’s only controlling Z wave devices, you’re doing it through direct association. Instead, you want to use it like a “button controller” and associate the hub to it in that Association group and then you should be able to use it like a button controller. But that all depends on the DTH, so we need to know the exact DTH.

Because I rely on text to speech, I can’t really help you navigate the code in the IDE, but someone else should be able to.

The following DTH will let you control zigbee devices from the double tap

[RELEASE CANDIDATE] Jasco/GE Z-Wave Plus On/Off Switch (14291) With Double-Tap and Associations

It will work. The double tap actions show up as a button in other apps. It sounds like what you were doing was setting up associations, which is different. I don’t use WebCore but in Smart Lighting when I select the switch, it shows me two available buttons. Button 1 is double tap up/on and Button 2 is double tap down/off.

Appreciate your help. I am using that exact DTH you reference and linked etc. I did manually add that way back and am using it on all my zwave plus switches. But as you state I am manually using associations within the api (or even in the app). Ill look up “button controllers” to see if I know what you mean by that and how to do that correctly. Thanks!

Just ask the people in that thread, there are many using that exact DTH in that way and they should be able to guide you. :sunglasses:

This was the first “button controller” that officially worked with SmartThings, the zwave Minimote


But it could also be a zigbee device, like this one:

Or it might look just like a regular switch like this:


It’s called a “button controller” because the DTH will have the capability.button

And the DTH will cause a message to be sent to SmartThings to tell which “button” was pressed. But that button might in fact just be a specific tap pattern like double tap on something that looks like a regular switch.

The installation instructions for the DTH should tell you how to set up the “buttons” for use by smartlights and other Smartapps.

Once you have it set up, then when you create your automation, you will say that you are using a button device, select your Switch, and then define what happens when a specific button code is received.

ah, took me a minute to realize what you meant by button controller. I actually use 3 different aeon minimotes. So I am familiar and they work pretty well. so I need to modify the DTH for the Jasco/GE zwave plus (with help from that thread) to then let me treat a GE Z+ switch like a “Button” thus using the button controller automation within smartthings so that the switch does what I want. I think I’m savvy now. Thanks!

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You won’t need to modify the code, that code already has the button capability. You just need to do whatever the set up is for it. They’ll tell you in the thread.

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I think you have to double click the physical switch at least once. Once that is done it registers that the double click as a second button for the device.

Jd is correct. On that DTH. Double tap up reports as one button (device.Button1) and double tap down reports as a different button (device.button2). You just disable any direct association you already have, use your preferred button controller app to respond to those buttons (they should be listed. If you have the DTH installed and do what you want. The code is already in the DTH.

BTW this is cloud only functionality. It will not work when the network is unavailable because you’re relying on a smartapp to process and handle the double tap.

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Everything is totally clear now, And working like I want. Thanks to all who helped me out!

FYI to anyone else who may want this info. I think the Orig Button Controller may not have been working for me (OR I hadn’t disassociated my handler DT devices yet), ABC gave me an error but Button Controller+ did the trick. AND its working even better than I thought it would. I now have the UP DT controlling one lamp and the DOWN DT another. Tons of new possibilities throughout the house now

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