Can I use an Aeons Lab Z-Stick in addition to my ST hub?

When I bought the ST hub, I assumed it would easily interface with computer-based HA software. When I started looking around, I discovered this wasn’t the case. I’m on a Mac and would love to run software on the Mac that would allow me to control my ecosystem. Although I’m very techy, I’m not a coder and I’m new to all this, but thus far I haven’t found any Mac-based HA software that will easily interface with ST. :frowning:

Indigo states that it interfaces easily with the Z-Stick, so I’m thinking of grabbing one of those. Will I be able to use it AND my ST hub? Or is it an either/or proposition?

Thanks for the Noob Tolerance!

I would look at @scottinpollock 's HAM Bridge first.

Already did. HAM Bridge works in the other direction; it allows you to control your Mac via SmartApp, but it will not facilitate control of the ST ecosystem from Mac.

You can use a REST Endpoint for the other direction.

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VERY helpful. Thx, Nick.

Okay, Nick’s suggestion is indeed helpful. For the first time, I can see my devices in a plain old browser window and click to effect them to take action. It’s a start, it’s great info to have, and I can see where one could customize this approach into almost anything.

But still, what if I want to use existing Mac-based Home Automation software instead? When I’ve envisioned HA, my vision has always been to have my master interface on a computer, not on a phone or tablet. The mobile device interface is of course useful, but in my mind it has always been secondary.

It would be a huge step forward IMHO to simply have the same ST control capability show up in a web browser or stand-alone computer app like we currently have on mobile devices. But I’d also prefer the ability to choose an existing HA software package.

We’re working on this but it isn’t something that will be released soon.

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Thx, Ben.

My original question still remains: Can I use a Z-Stick in addition to my ST hub, in order to get the HA software connectivity I’m looking for?

Did you ever figure this out?

I pretty much gave up on expanding my ST ecosystem, Noty. It’s still controlling a couple switches but I use Indigo software interfacing with the Z-Stick to do almost all my HA. Completely customizable in almost any way you can dream up.

Will it be here “in a few weeks”? :wink:

All kidding aside, are you guys still working on this? I would Love to be able to access everything via desktop with a keyboard and mouse.

It’s been a while since I came back to the forums, so I’m late replying, but FWIW I have ST working perfectly with my Z-Stick. I simply reset everything and used the Z-Stick and my PC (running InControl HA) as the primary controller, and added ST as a secondary. Everything just kicked in. I like the ST mobile/cloud options and the community support, but I love being able to control everything via PC, and IC provides a really great library to use in C# projects to interface with everything, so I’ve had a lot of fun writing custom control panels (LCARS/Star Trek FTW! lol)

How do the two controllers (zstick and ST) co-exist in one network of device nodes? Which actually controls the devices? I guess I assumed only one controller could control a group of devices…

The incontrolha site also refernces/sells the new nortek quickstick combo USB zwave AND zigbee controller.

Z-wave supports multiple controllers. A primary and one or more secondary controllers. Each controller can issue commands, so if I’m using IC with my Z-stick, it’s issuing them, if I’m using my phone and ST, it’s controlling them. This works exactly as expected with my setup (Z-stick as primary, ST as secondary.)… The only caveat is that secure devices (locks, etc) can only work with the primary controller. This is how I understand it, anyway, I am by no means an expert. Lol.

Once I had my network set up with the Z-stick, I simply joined that network from the hub utilities page on the ST website while the Z-stick was in inclusion mode. Once joined, the ST had all of the devices in the list and I could proceed to configure them in the app (placing them in rooms, setting up routines, etc…)


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How did you set this up. I tried adding a V1 ST hub as a secondary controller to my Aeon z-wave stick and all I get is “Join/Leave failed” error from the V1 hub. Nothing appear to be happenong at the stick end.

Were you using the system utilities on your laptop to control the stick?


My z-wave stick is connected to Raspberry PI (or Linux PC) running Home Assistant software but that isnt really relevant. The z-wave stick doesn’t have to be connected to anything. In fact, its impossible to add/delete anything from it when it is plugged in.

The stick comes with utilities to run on a laptop. Several of the controller utilities are only available through this, such as mapping.

If you just use the stick on its own, you can include end devices.

I don’t remember for sure, but I thought that adding a secondary controller required using the controller utilities through the API interface. Maybe I’m mistaken.