Can I opt out of upgrades

Is there a way to opt out of smarthings upgrades? These disrupt my app every time this takes place. I just want to stay on the rev level im at and select the upgrade I want to install it when I have a day to straighten things out on the app

The app that you downloaded from the playstore/app store is upgraded like any other app from that source: you control when the upgrades happen.

Cloud or hub upgrades, however, are pushed out to all eligible customers at the same time and you do not have any control over those. They can be neither delayed nor denied. This is because of the cloud-based nature of much of the smartthings architecture. They can’t maintain a separate version for different customers.

If everything that you run is local, you can unplug your hub from the ethernet, and then it will not receive updates. However, there is only a limited feature set that can be run in this way (for one thing, the app will not be able to communicate with the hub at all) and most people who want that kind of local option will be using a different brand of home automation system.

Maybe in the future once the transition to the new architecture is complete, but it is just not available for smartthings now.