Can I open my car doors?

Suppose, for a moment, I know how to integrate some wires and chips into my car that will give me programmatic access to the car’s locks, windows, starting/stopping, etc.

Now, imagine I can connect all that to the cloud somehow.

Does any of the SmartThings devices have the ability measure distance from ___________________ so I could have the car open its doors if I get within ten feet of the car similar to the way the Prius allows (not my car BTW).

I know this is sort of a broad question, but I originally thought of it as a use for my SmartThings keyfob sensor, since it is already on my keyring. I really don’t want to use bluetooth because my keys are almost always within 30 feet of my car at home and at work, so I need finer precision proximity measurement without line-of-site access.

Any thoughts out there in SmartThings land?

Karl Miller

Right now there is not any method for determining your exact location anywhere. You could use motion sensors to get approx location inside a house, but actual physical distance from object a to object b isn’t possible.

The closest you could get is if you put a hub in your car and then use a presence sensor on your self. But again, this would be gross location, not fine location at all.

You best bet would probably be to look at something more in the lines of an if-then setup. “If my garage door opens and it’s between 7:00am and 8:00am, then unlock the car.” Something like that.