Can I make a Door/Window sensor act like water sensor?

Anyone have any ideas for a DH to convert my Linear WADWAZ-1 sensor into a water sensor. I picked up the sensor from another ST’er on the forum, mainly because I could connect leads and use it as a water sensor in my sump pit. It works fine as open/close when water completes the circuit, but I would like to have it identify as a water sensor for app setup. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

yeah there are a couple of how too here in the forums

Yeah, I’ll admit my search hand is weak. I’ll scour around a bit more. I did find plenty of threads talking about it or similar, have not stumbled on code yet, likely a matter of time. Thanks.

here ya go. no code needed just use a water sensor device handler and make this…


thanks for the link. I just did bare wires into the pit for now, but I might print up a nice mount for my discharge tube and something to better secure the wires as well. Never thought of bare wires to the rope, thats a pretty sweet idea. I would have to be careful though since the sump might turn on when it rains heavy, but I really only want the alert once it reaches a certain level. Either way I have that exact sensor from that post so the DH should work out. I’ll let you know, thanks again.

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