Can I integrate new zigbee devices when my phone is at another location but there is still someone in the house to set up the device?

I’ve got a Samsung F-OUT-US-2 SmartThings Outlet that I’d like to integrate into a network but I’m traveling for an extended period of time right now. There are people back at the house but none of them have access to the Smart Things home/location (and I’m trying to avoid having to grant them access).

Can I do a new device discovery remotely, obviously if we’re coordinating our events in real time? The device itself is using ZigBee and phones don’t have those kinds of radios, so I’d imagine there’s no reason the phone or I need to be physically present to control the discovery process. Right?

Sounds right, The phone doesn’t talk directly to your hub, it goes through the SmartThings cloud.

The only added issue I can think of is if there’s additional lag that causes a join attempt to time out.

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