Can I have different alerts for different sensors?

I just got a leak sensor and I’d like to have a different notification sound than my door/motion sensors. Is that possible?

You mean push notification from the ST app? Not built-in. Do you use android or iOS?

Anything is possible with webCoRE. Install it and enjoy creating whatever scenario your mind can dream of. It’s super easy to install and super easy to use. There is a support community here as well.

Good Luck.

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This tool looks fantastic. But way out of my ability to use. I will stick with CORE. Actually, im now just using routines for most things since they have those working well.

This is soooooooo not out of your league. If you are already using CoRE, then this would be super familiar to you.

Just think.

If This Then That


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Yeah, I get the if this then that but the terminology thats used is really difficult to figure out. I need it in layman terms :smiley:

Only two terms for beginners.

If and Action

If blah blah blah
Action blah blah blah

It’s really that simple.

mark - I guess I mean the text notification. But now that I think about it, it’s coming from the same “number” so I’m guessing it’s not possible.

I can look at webCore maybe this weekend to see if it makes sense.

But my goal is to differentiate the two because a leak isn’t as dire of an emergency as one of my doors being opened in the middle of the night.

Webcore can’t do anything about the sounds your phone makes for a text or push notification.

Could he maybe use trend setter to create a virtual switch that uses IFTTT to get a custom notification?

Oh, I beg to differ but let’s not get too technical. :grin:I did however, miss that the OP was referring to native app sound notification. Now way of changing that.

Maybe this will work?

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…and that’s a good thing :smile: you can use Tasker to read the content of your ST notification and change the sound. I think. I am not an expert on Tasker, @Glen_King may have a better idea.

@rontalley , thanks for sharing remindR. If all you need is to push notifications, then remindR is a specialized app that does things a little different than webCoRE… But would not be able to help with phone notification settings. Where remindR shines, is when you use connected speakers among a lot of other neat tricks…

I’m not sure if the OP answered which he has. But here is what I do to help using iOS. I use push notifications for all standard ST notifications. For Security or Safety notifications I use Text Alerts. Then I set the text tone differently for the saved contact of ST. Also I use Emergency Bypass for when do not disturb is on. So normal push stuff comes through with the normal sound that most other apps sound like. But urgent things come through 24/7 with a different sound.


Now that’s smart!

Yeah I do mostly the same thing on my iPhone (push vs sms notifications depending on how important).

When I first saw emergency bypass i was intrigued. But then I realized that that overrides not only DND (great idea for certain contacts) but also the silent switch (terrible idea, at least IMO; when I turn that switch to silent it’s because I DON’T WANT my phone to make noise). So that was the end of that.

You can use the silent switch with airplane mode if you need silence for a bit OR even turn off your phone :dizzy_face:. But it is rare that I don’t want to be interrupted for a security or safety event in my own home.


Yeah that’s I mean about the difference btw dnd mode and the silent switch, at least in my mind.

DND for only when you want critical things to get through, and that includes their sounds. Like when I’m asleep.

Silent means I don’t want my phone to make noise, but I still want to receive whatever kind of notification discretely. Like in a meeting.

But when they added emergency bypass to iOS they set it to override silent even when DND isn’t turned on. I think that was dumb.

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Hi… sorry, but now that the weather has gotten nice I’ve sorta shelved my home automation projects for awhile. So I’m here less frequently.

Anyway, short answer is YES. Tasker can take almost any input, and use it as a trigger for anything the Android phone can do. AutoNotification is the plugin you use. You can make Tasker respond to the title of a notification, the content, title plus content, the app generating the notification, etc. you can make it play particular audio files, change sound settings, flash the camera flash…