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Can I disable SHM motion detection/security reminders?

(Rob) #1

I’m very new to this, having just recently bought my V2 hub kit including 2 door sensors, a motion sensor and an outlet. I did a simple setup of the outlet to time a light, and the motion sensor in security to text me when motion is detected as I don’t have a mobile app. But after I’m notified, I keep getting texts every 20 minutes or so as a “reminder” until I am able to open a tablet and clear the alert. Is there a way to disable reminders or change their frequency?

(Mavrrick) #2

SHM is very mobile app centric. What may be a better option for you is “Notify me when” with modes to limit it to function when you are away from home.

SHM is going to do that because from a security perspective it is imperative you respond to it to ensure the intrusion event is delt with. Since SHM isn’t a monitored solution that is more important.

(Ron Talley) #3

I agree with @Mavrrick58. If you are doing automations with ST, then you should have the app installed (Classic App HIGHLY recommended). It will bug you, by design, to address the security issue…

(Rob) #4

Thanks for the responses. I can understand that. I was hoping there was another way to have the motion detectors message me outside of the SHM. I can’t get an app because I have a Windows phone. I do my setup on a laptop with Bluestacks on it running the app. I use Classic because the newer app doesn’t show my automations.