Can I disable SHM motion detection/security reminders?

I’m very new to this, having just recently bought my V2 hub kit including 2 door sensors, a motion sensor and an outlet. I did a simple setup of the outlet to time a light, and the motion sensor in security to text me when motion is detected as I don’t have a mobile app. But after I’m notified, I keep getting texts every 20 minutes or so as a “reminder” until I am able to open a tablet and clear the alert. Is there a way to disable reminders or change their frequency?

SHM is very mobile app centric. What may be a better option for you is “Notify me when” with modes to limit it to function when you are away from home.

SHM is going to do that because from a security perspective it is imperative you respond to it to ensure the intrusion event is delt with. Since SHM isn’t a monitored solution that is more important.

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I agree with @Mavrrick58. If you are doing automations with ST, then you should have the app installed (Classic App HIGHLY recommended). It will bug you, by design, to address the security issue…


Thanks for the responses. I can understand that. I was hoping there was another way to have the motion detectors message me outside of the SHM. I can’t get an app because I have a Windows phone. I do my setup on a laptop with Bluestacks on it running the app. I use Classic because the newer app doesn’t show my automations.