Can I customize notifications for Smart Lock Guest Access app?

I’m using the Smart Lock Guest Access app with my Yale YRD226HA Zigbee lock. Also, I’ve got paired to my hub a couple motion sensors and automations that send me push notifications when they see motion.

The issue is that with the Smart Lock Guest Access app, I get notifications any time any code is used (including the “master code”). I’d like to only get notifications for when codes are used that aren’t the one my wife and I use every waking hour of every day.

In fact, there isn’t even a coarse control I can find so I can shut off notifications entirely for the SLGA app and just get notifications for the motion sensors, and I’d have to uninstall the app if I got sick of seeing every time my wife went through the door.

Can I disable notifications for a portion of the codes? Is there any other idea you might have to do what I want here? Thank you.

Unfortunately there is no control.

Thanks. Do you know if that app is community-maintained or maintained by SmartThings (if so, I’ll put in a feature request).

Also, I see this Lock Manager app. Do you have any experience with it? Do you think it would do what I’m looking for?

Not with the built in app as Jimmy said but if you have access to RBoy Apps, check out the Lock User Management (LUM) app which has the ability to control notifications (and actions) at a per user level and even put limitations (e.g. only send notifications for user X when the hub in is Mode Night).

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How do you get access to RBoy Apps?

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