Can I break off the blue tabs on inovelli switches?

I’m replacing 3 dumb toggle switches with 3 inovelli paddle switches. After I wired everything I realized they won’t fit in the box. If I break the blue tabs off they will. Can I do that without any issues?

i would consult the instructions that came with the switches


With most dimmer switches (smart and regular), you can. They are non-returnable at that point, usually.

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I’m with prjct92eg2 … what did the instructions say?

If they are like the Jasco switches, the answer is yes you can remove the tabs if needed, but since they serve a heat sink function, the rated wattage is somewhat reduced. If you are using LED lights in single or small number of bulbs, no problem.

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Great question!

Yes, you can break off the sides of the switch, no problem at all. I usually use needle-nose pliers to wiggle the tabs back and forth until they break off.

For On/Off’s, there is no side-effects at all to do this, however for dimmers, breaking off the tabs will decrease the max wattage.

The normal max wattage is: 500W

If one side is broken off, the max wattage goes down to 400W and if both sides are broken off, the max wattage goes down to 300W.

Hope that helps!

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thanks. I guess I need to figure out what wattage the florescent bulbs inb my garage are. That’s the only dimmer I had planned to use in that box (just for scene control to arm/disarm the house).

I had a similar question for Inovelli. The instructions do tell you that you can remove the tabs, pg 4 of the NZW31 instructions in the Max Wattage Key box. My complaint was that for those unfamiliar, there is no explanation of HOW to remove the tabs (gently rock them back and forth with pliers until they snap off).

Regardless, very much like the switch and especially like the support from Eric, Inovelli’s founder per above.

Are you using dimable florescent bulbs? I thought you could not dim florescent lights.