Can heat affect a Kwikset Z lock?

(Scott Adelman) #1

I installed a Kwikset 910 lock at my home in Palm Springs. It is on the garden gate that has a multi-sensor as well. The lock worked remotely well this am but then stopped. Despite all troubleshooting I cannot get it to respond remotely.

I have deleted it and reinstalled it several times. Each time it pairs easily. And quickly recognizes the lock and installed to door.

But when I push the lock or unlock tile nothing happens. Says unlocking but lock does not move. Then when you refresh the app the updated status it is still locked.

The lock itself works perfectly. Electronic codes are working.

The only issue I can see is the current temp is 104 and the lock is in direct sunlight. Can that be doing it? No other issues on any of my ST sensors but they are mostly indoors.

Any ideas on the heat or other ways to troubleshoot a Kwikset lock?

(Jwu) #2

When you check the activity log of the lock right after pairing it, do you see the line saying the secure inclusion was successful ? If not, you may need to reset the lock and re-pair again. To reset the lock, follow the instruction here: .

(Scott Adelman) #3

Thanks for the advice but still having issues. I have deleted the z wave lock several times and reconnected using the app. I made sure the lock was deleted from the ST web API and then made sure it was also listed there as active when reconnected. No problem with the app setting up the lock. And when I then go back into the Web API I see the lock listed as active and the log shows the commands sent. But no response from the lock.

I can only conclude at this point that the problem is in the lock? But it seems to be working well otherwise and also has no problem being seen on z wave network.

Anyone have any idea?

(Acastal) #4

If you did not already make sure the lock is closed (locked) when you pair it. This is how I resolved a similar issue with my kwikset (914) lock.

(Joe) #5

I am having this exact same problem. Did you ever figure out why this is happening? I just installed my lock on 08/01/2014 and I have had to repair it 3 or 4 times already.

(Scott Adelman) #6

No, never did. I spoke to Kwikset and then thought I had a faulty z wave card. They sent me a replacement but I have not yet installed it. The place is in Palm Springs so it has been pretty warm this summer. Thought I would wait until it cools down a bit to see if I can get it all working.

(Cheekid) #7

Heat can play a negative role in any electronic device. You will notice that electronic devices you buy will be stamped with a safe operating temperature range. Some devices will have shielding to protect against extreme heat or cold for that matter. You also have to take battery operated devices into consideration. The battery will have a safe operating temperature as well. Many times you will hear about a device having the ability to be used outdoors however it usually requires that it be shielded or protected against the elements. Also one other thing to consider with key pad devices is the code you choose. Try to set a system where you can occasionally change your code rather than placing all the wear in tear on a few buttons.