Can DTH's read or subscribe to Attributes?

Because I can’t stop asking questions about the platform that’s about to be obsolete (but mainly because it helps to understand how ST thinks about how all of this stuff is supposed to work, which may carry forward to the new platform)…

I’m building a little cheat-sheet on the different ways and scenarios to use preferences, attributes, and state/atomicstate.

I’ve figured out how to read/write preference and state items, but I’ve only been able to set attributes (with createEvent/sendEvent). The old developer docs talk about being able to read them and even subscribe to state changes, but all of the examples are for SmartApps and I haven’t gotten any of the examples to work in a DTH. Is there a way to read an attribute value in a DTH?

Yes, it is briefly mentioned on

See also device on

for alternative forms.

You may notice that there is conflict between attribute and state terminology in the API and docs so attributes are called states and a state refers to two different concepts. Incredibly the problem of using state to mean attribute still exists in the current API.