Can door alert during certain hours or mode

Can I get an alert for when a door is open during certain hours OR when a specific mode is set? I’d like to have the app alert me when I’m either asleep or when the mode changes to Away.

Yep easy to do.

In your app click on doors and locks.
Click on the gear icon.
Click the door you want to alert on.
Click know if it’s open or closed.
On the next page, select open and then you have an option only when mode is___
Select the modes you want to alert on
You can also add a time option. It would alert on either one
Click done


Awesome! I was looking at the options as an “and” operator… so it works more like an “either/or”?

I’m looking at it as an If-Then statement…

That’s my understanding that those work like ORs (I would test to be 100% sure). Some of the options have further “Only When” type settings and those work as ANDs.