Can Automations and Scenes Conflict with each other?

I am trying to simplify my interaction with SmartThings and move my only webcore automation routine to my SmartThings app.

My question is whether a presence condition set up in Automations that activates a devise on the change of location (arrive home) can then be overridden by a scene while still at home. ex: When I arrive at home, an Automation causes my smart deadbolt to unlock. Later in the evening, while I am still at home, I run a Scene that locks the deadbolt. Does this create a conflict?

The real question is if the Automation based on presence is triggered by a change in presence.

All of these things are point in time and require a trigger - so basically, they happen once. They aren’t continuously evaluating and resetting. (You CAN do something like that if you want, but it requires the automation to be built in a different way and likely in WebCoRE monitoring for change events in certain devices - but I digress)

You come home - the automation fires. Things Happen.
Scene is triggered - More stuff happens, doesn’t care what happened before.
Automation doesn’t care because you didn’t just arrive home - so it’s not re-triggering.

This is also why there is no such thing as ‘turning off a scene’ and why you don’t (generally) need to check the state of a device before sending a command.