Can anyone buy one Thing Shield for me? I will transfer the money using paypal

Hi guys,

I need one Smartthing Shield for my garage project. I tried to buy it through the Smartthing Store, but I doesn’t accept my Australian credicard, I went to the post office and got a multi currency visa prepaid but it didn’t work as well.

I’m pretty sure that specific model is not legal to operate in Australia or the EU.

I’m not sure whether it’s using controlled encryption or just that it has boosted zigbee which exceeds regulatory standards in some countries, but I believe both parties would be breaking the law if it were purchased in the US and sent to Australia.

Check locally to be sure, of course.

I want it send to my US Address. So NO law breaking. I just can’t pay with my AU creditcard.

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Can you load a Visa Pre-Paid card with the funds and but it that way?

I tried a multi currency visa pre paid that I got here in Aus, but it didn’t work. I ordered one US visa gift card yesterday, I am waiting it arrive to have a go.

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It was 5 years ago. At the end I managed to buy one. I don’t use it anymore. I moved from Smartthings to Home Assistant. I’m also not using ZigBee stuff anymore. I’m using wifi switches.