Can anyone assit with re-creating my security syetem on the new app?

Hi, last night the old version of the app stopped working so I have to recreate my security setup with the new app. The old app had an on/off switch on the home page that allowed me to enable/disable my security system. My system has dwindled down to 4 contact sensors placed on doors and windows, and a siren that sounds when a sensor is tripped.
Today, I logged in to the new app, I see a section for my living room on top, and then my various devices below that. In addition to my devices I see virtual devices which I think were part of my old setup; security:on, virtual arm:on, virtual disarm:on. FYI my security system is not currently enable, despite the status gives for those virtual devices.
Does anyone know how I go about setting this up as I had it before? With a big on/off switch on the home page?

BTW this is the final straw… it was hell setting this up in the first place, it took months, I had configured and then lost alexa integration, I had a plug-in switch on a lamp which stopped working, and various ‘upgrades’ forced me to reconfigure repeatedly… I’m moving soon and will switch to another brand of smart home devices at the new house.

I’m sure that’s very frustrating! :disappointed_relieved: hopefully the community will be able to help, at least a little.

We do need to ask a couple of questions

  1. did you ever click on the “migration banner“ in the old app?

  2. what country are you in?

  3. what model smartthings hub do you have?

  4. were you using presence for anything with your security features? If so, was it based on just one person coming and going or on multiple people?

  5. do you have an iPhone or an android phone?

Sorry to have to ask so many questions, but the answers should help us help you.

  1. I did not click on the migration banner, i put this off as long as possible. 2. USA. 3. can i find the model from the app or do I need to check the physical device? 4. Im pretty sure i was not using presence. 5. andriod

Ok then you need to install the SmartThings Home Monitor STHM smartapp and configure it properly. For the configuration you describe it should basically be what you need. (Big on off button)

Go to the hamburger menu (top left) then SmartApps, then hit the plus symbol on the top rt. Search for SmartThings Home Monitor.

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Thanks! I must admit that configuring it in the new app was easier than ever before. I used to be able to turn my lamp on an off using the ST plug-in controller and asking alexa to do it, is this still possible?

Yep - all you have to do is relink the new version of the alexa skill

BUT if you already have ST linked in Alexa - do yourself a favor and go remove your existing Alexa skill, then delete any of the devices and scenes that SmartThings brought over to Alexa from your previous install on the Alexa web UI at BEFORE you try to link the new skill. Technically it’s a NEW skill - not an update from the old one so Alexa - trying to be helpful, keeps your old dead devices around and the new skill creates what are essentially duplicates - then nothing works right. So by doing the cleanup on the Alexa side before attempting to relink the skill will save a lot of ‘why doesn’t this work’ headaches.

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