Can a room be part of automation?

I was wondering to see if a room can be used in automations.

e.g. if a presence is detected then perform actions (turn on light, turn on AC etc…)in a named room within SmartThings. I understand that it can be done by selecting those individual devices but wanted to see if within the automations, actions can be performed in selected room.

Hey there @lalooprasad,

At this time, rooms can’t be included in your Smart Things Automation. As you mentioned above, it could be achieved utilizing your presence detection, motion detection by selecting those individual devices but rooms aren’t an available option.

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Some people create a virtual switch and use that to stand as a proxy for the room grouping. So when you turn that on, you then have various other things trigger. (Or Webcore pistons.)

It’s just going to come down to the details of exactly what you want to have happen. But the advantage of working with scenes is that you can reuse them in multiple automations.


thank you for the reply.

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