Can a Multisensor detect if a door is swinging open but not swinging closed?

I have the SmartThings MultiSensor. I know it has a good accelerometer in it and will detect motion. I want to put it on the back of a door and detect whenever the door is swinging, but only when swinging open. So if the door is halfway open, and you open it more, it would trigger. But if it is halfway open and you close it more, it would not trigger.

I am familiar with webCoRE and wondering if there is a way to use the accelerometer’s data to do this?


you could use the angle sensor.

IMO, absolutely a waste of time

I know people who do this with two contact sensors, One at the fully open point and one at the fully closed point. The door doesn’t have to stay fully open, it just has to reach that sensor long enough to trigger it. But I don’t know if that fits your use case.