Cameras with local storage that work with Smartthings and ActionTiles (on Android)

I know there are a ton of threads on cameras, but none of the ones I’ve read show me the three things I’m looking for. Most of the cameras on the other threads either state that they do one or two, or don’t have enough information for me to tell if they do all three. I would love to hear from the community regarding what you guys use that would satisfy the following requirements:

A) Must have local storage (I don’t want to mess with any clouds, Blue Iris, or NVRs)
B) Must work with Smartthings, more specifically I just want be able to trigger it to start recording to local storage when a contact sensor is opened. I don’t need it to do motion sensing, or anything, my main requirement is "record when X action happens"
C) Must be viewable from Action Tiles (i.e. must support MJPEG stream via plain http or https, preferably https as tgouchat outlines below). AT will be running on an Android in the same LAN as the camera.

edited: added clarification on point C based on feedback from @tgauchat below


Thanks for starting this Topic, Bubba. For “live streaming” in ActionTiles, as best we currently know, the camera must support an MJPEG stream via a plain http: or https URL: https: is preferred because desktop Chrome will block http (non-SSL) due to “mixed content security risk”.

“rtsp://” format is not compatible, even though we know it is popular. We are keeping it on the long-term roadmap but there are difficult hurdles.

ActonTiles also has a currently open Topic in our own Feedback Forum – hopefully we can consolidate some good results:

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Im not sure what ActionTiles are but Foscams (The C1 and R2 in particular) have a custom ST handler and local storage

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Looking at the reviews, it appears that the C1 does support MJPEG streaming (which is what I’d need to integrate with Action Tiles), but the R2 does not.

What device handlers do you use for your foscams? Are you using @RBoy’s Apps? Does it allow you to start recording whenever X sensor is tripped?


I have not actually integrated my Foscams (currently running 3x R2 and 2x C1) with ST. They are set to auto-record from within their built in apps to an FTP server 24/7. I just know of the handlers from doing previous research.

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I’ve read about Blue Iris, but I didn’t want to use it because I don’t have a PC that I want to keep running 24/7. I do have an HTPC, but I like to set it to sleep mode when it’s not in use. If I don’t find anything that will work directly with ST and AT, then Blue Iris is my fallback plan. Plus I already use webCoRE, so I’m glad to see they work together.

Would I be able to trigger Blue Iris to start recording whenever my contact sensor is triggered (and stop when the sensor is closed)?

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Stupid question, but I don’t see a stop command. Does this command tell it to record for a predetermined amount of time? Or is there a second command to stop recording.

So it seems like Blue Iris is the way to go utilizing it’s integration with SmartThings and webCoRE. So with that in mind, is this a pretty good camera to get if all I’m wanting to do is use a Smartthings sensor (motion or contact) and move the camera to the action and record for a bit if movement is detected.

Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD 1080P (1920TVL)

Then also streaming the MJPEG output from Blue Iris to Action Tiles

Did you ever get your camera situation figured out? I am looking for a 2 wireless cameras (1 indoor 1 outdoor) that I can use with Smartthings and Actiontiles. I bought 4 Arlo cameras, but soon afterward found out they don’t work with Actiontiles. I decided to keep them, but I need 2 more. This time I want to do it right.