Cameras I would like to See Integrated

I would like to see the Zmodo cameras integrated into the Smart Home Hub. They integrate currently with Blue Iris and maybe they could integrate through that or maybe just as a network, wireless device.

I have several of these and would like to have them available through the Hub, rather than a separate interface (app).


i would like to zmodo or xiaomi camera to be integrated.

+1 for this.
I have a Zmodo DVR and currently use an app called MEyePro V5 to view them.
Would be neat for some sort of integration but not sure to what extent it could be integrated.

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+1 Same for me as well, I have 4 POE camera’s and DVR plus 2 additional WiFi Camera’s. I can view them through Meshare website or by IP if needed. Also on the Zmodo app and Meshare app on Android or Iphone.


I have 4 zmodo mini wifi cameras and the video quality is great. It will be cool if integrated with ST.

I agree, but I don’t see that SmartThings is planning to integrate anytime soon.


Phillip Slaughter


I would be very happy to see Zmodo integration into Smartthings.

I have the majority of my cameras outside, but the few inside, I would love to be able to switch on and off via Modes.

But oh well, probably won’t happen.