Cameras - any budget workarounds?

Hi there,

I’ve been using Smartthings for a while and would like to integrate a camera into the system. Has anyone managed to use a slightly cheaper camera than the officially supported ones? I don’t mind a little bit of tinkering to get it working if it means I can save a bit of money :slight_smile:

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I use the Foscam C1, works great and it “integrates” with ST. Not video integration, but snapshot integration. For example, when I leave home, I can arm my Foscam automatically and if there is any motion detected, it will shot 10 snapshots.

Depends what kind of integration you’re looking for. What is your use case?

@rey_rios what device handler and smartapp are you using to do this?

I’ll second Blink if affordable and convenience is the goal. It doesn’t do everything but you can’t beat the value.

There is a SmartThings app to arm/disarm it, but that is it for now.

You might as well splurge for five since you quickly find uses for them.

I’m away a lot and it would be useful for the camera to take a snapshot if it detects any motion - that would be the major thing really. If you opt for the supported devices are you able to control them within the Smartthings App itself?

The C1 looks very cool and it’s much easier on the wallet! Do you know if the C1 lite would be supported in a similar way?

They don’t exactly integrate with ST proper, but the streams from my old iPhones show up in SmartTiles just fine using ipCamera app.

If I knew how to code, I bet I could make the Generic Camera Device work with the page iPCamera generates.

This is a MUCH MUCH higher quality app than a previous one I had used. Stay away from senstic’s IP Cam app, as it crashes 2x a day.

I really hate the manual, the software and the web interface for Foscam’s C1, which made it very painful to get set up correctly. Their tech support was also very English challenged, and they sent me directions for saving to my computer from the cam that would have rendered my computer quite insecure. But the C1 works pretty well once you suffer through all that and get it configured properly.

and search for Foscam Mode Alarm to automatically arm your camera.

BTW, I also have an older Foscam 8910 and a Blink camera. Blink cameras are nice and there is an integration to arm/disarm with ST.

I used that same Device Handler for the Foscam C1. It takes too long to capture 1 snapshot. I don’t know how it can do 10 snapshots.

I am now using separate Android app tinyCam Monitor PRO for all of my cameras (all 5 Foscam, various types). The app works great for live streaming. Money well spent for the app. I wish ST can have the capability like this app.

The setting is at the Foscam software itself, not at the ST side. ST only arms it. And I only do it for 5 seconds to an FTP server.

TinyCam Pro is awesome! I love the Chromecast support as well.

Hmm by the looks of it, look like I’m going to have to plump for one the ‘certified’ cameras :frowning:

I have a Drop Cam and a Nest Cam. It has been a real disappointment what Nest (Google) has done with this product, in my opinion. I guess that is why I’m so impressed with Blink.

How does the C1 compare to Blink?

There are two different products for two different needs. Blink is more suitable for areas where you have no power available. That is the beauty about Blink, no power needed and videos on demand when it needs it.

C1 has an sd card slot, that you can record locally and continuously. It can be set to do many other things in the configuration. Quality is great. It needs power.

I don’t have a Blink, so I can’t say, but the C1 documentation and interface drive me nuts.

It took a long time to get working more or less right, because both of the above are so terrible. Poorly written docs done by non-native English speakers. Confusion in the interface about what kind of recording to where and what it has or doesn’t have write permissions to.

Good point. I originally backed Blink kickstarter because of the price point. Competitors have entered since at this price but Blink seems to be the only one totally wireless. Netgear Arlo is twice as much and they seem to get battery complaints. But there are things that others do better than Blink.

Blink just got more compelling with this interface:


Brilliant. I know what I’m going with now then!

Does anyone know if it will work over here in the UK? I have friends who go to the US regularly so I might see if I can get them to pick a couple of for me.