Camera sensitivity on Arlo keeps resetting to default

I installed an arlo camera, the dog sets off the sensor and the problem is when I lower the sensitivity level on SM it doesn’t seem to save for long. I’ll lower the level to let’s say 50, but for no reason at all it always resets to 80 for some reason. Can someone help and tell me why this is happening or how to permanently keep the level at a lower setting. Thank you

Are you setting it in SmartThings or Arlo App?

Both, and I’ve tried playing with setting up on both. It’s annoying because the dog sets it off way too much.

I’ve tried too and it seems after a set amount of time it defaults back to the 80 level every time. Like you it gets annoying because my dogs set it off all day long. I need to figure out a different way to adjust it because it’s starting to wear on me.

Delete the smart things mode in the Arlo app. Use and customize any of the other modes in the Arlo app.

I gave up and disconnected arlo from SmartThings yesterday…

Issue has been reproduced, fixed and will be updated after QA/Testing.

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That’s excellent news, many of us are definitely looking forward to it being fixed.

@twack , Does this address any other flaky issues with Arlo-ST integration? Sometimes in the Arlo app my rules get renamed and don’t seem to work as expected.

Also does it add capability to record Arlo from webcore or take snapshot/photo. :slight_smile:

So how did QA/Testing go?

If you guys need someone to test all those updates out let me know :laughing:. My Arlo-St integration is experiencing all the known side affects at the moment on a regular basis.


@twack Any updates on the Arlo settings issues? I’ve noticed lately it actually seems to have gotten worse as now everyday it removes the record video setting in Arlo on top of setting the sensitivity back to 80. I’m hoping this is on the near release list as I’m just about over the Arlo cameras. The integration with ST was a huge selling point for me but I’m weighing the benefits of that now since I need to fix it at least daily. I can always tell when my wife leaves for work and the cameras turn on as I get rapid fire notifications that my indoor cameras detect motion as my dog runs around the house looking for where we went.

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Ditto. It seems after something in ST is triggered by Arlo it resets to default settings.