Camera Recommendations to replace Wyze

I’m in the US using a V3 hub and currently use Wyze cameras in my home and facing outside through a window. I am looking replacement recommendations.

My current usage set up:

  1. I have on/off control via IFTTT and a ST virtual switch so they can be controlled via automations.
  2. I have Alexa to view cameras and trigger ST automations when person detected.

Are there any options which will work with my set up?
I was looking at Tapo and Blink but would really like to know what you all like and what control I get get for the automations above.

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I really like the Aqara cameras. From your description, I believe both the G2 pro and the G3 models would work exactly the way you have your Wyze cameras working now. They have a nice Ifttt channel and they also have Alexa routine integration. You don’t get the camera feeds in SmartThings, but they can do something that WYZE cannot, which is to act as a matter bridge, which then gives you local integration, and can bring in some additional child devices if that’s of any interest. (I know the G3 can do this now, I think the G2 pro has also received that update, but verify it if that’s important to you.)

Mine are inside the house and record through the window, which works well for us.

They do cost more than the Wyze cameras, but I think you’re getting more for your money. Choice is good. There are frequently discount coupons on the Amazon product page, so look for those.

G2 pro


We also use their video doorbell, which is Ipx3 “weather resistant,” and has the same integration options, except so far no matter options. Doesn’t have great battery life, for us typically four months but it’s a busy door. But that’s OK for us. (It can be wired to Mains power, we just haven’t gotten around to doing that.) It also serves as a 95db siren, which is a nice add-on feature. And a good two-way intercom. But probably best in a sheltered location since it’s not fully waterproof.

G4 Video Doorbell


I don’t need the camera feeds in ST so these sound like a great option! I’ll look into them and come back with any questions. Thanks @JDRoberts, super helpful as always!


Here’s the aqara Ifttt channel

Also note that the doorbell says that it is “gray” – – at least the one that we got is a dark charcoal, almost black.


Here’s a good review of the doorbell:

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Are either of those cameras battery powered?

The G2 and G3 are plug-ins. The G4 video doorbell can be either batterypowered or mans-powered.

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