Camera options that don't need to be plugged into a PC?

(Dean) #1

I am looking to put 2 or 3 cameras inside my home. I don’t want them plugged into a PC though.

What are my options here?

Is Dropcam compatible?

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Check out this link for all supported cameras. There’s a checkbox on the left to filter by “Motion & Cameras”

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Thanks, it doesn’t really address my question… do all of those compatible devices need to be connected via USB etc to a PC? Or do they work wirelessly? Thank you.

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You asked what your options were for cameras that didn’t have to be plugged into your PC. I pointed you to a list of them.

Dropcam is not on that list.

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Many thanks, sorry if my tone came across poorly… that wasn’t my intention.

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Likewise. =)

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I know was marked solved, however I wanted to add I am partial to Foscam. I have 2 outside and 4 inside cameras.

Mostly use for motion detection though is up to a minute delay, so not for safety if want to be alert at night sleeping to get your bat in time. Anything complicated (setup, move, view) with the camera use iphone or mac app once I VPN into home.

Forked project (@skp19 great project!) I use for foscam (note no HD support, do not have one to test with):


I added motion detection and removed pieces I did not use.