Calling all community members: New SmartApp Ideas


Maybe version #3 (fix the toilet) should be choice #1 !
Fixing the toilet would be much more reliable than any ST.

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Dave, I’m not so dumb that I wouldn’t “just fix it” if it were fixable. It’s new and the product is known to occasionally do this. Most toilets occasionally don’t close fully sooner or later, too, so is a generic issue and not always something 100% preventable.

I can relate to your intent, though. I remember someone wanting to detect when his car bumper was protruding enough to get banged by remote closing of the garage door. He wanted to do this with SmartThings rather than just adjust the lightbeem sensor it already has to a different height or adding a 2nd lightbeam sensor.

What I would like to see is the ability to add actions together. so say you want the lights to come on when you get home bot someone arriving and it is after sunset have to happen beautifier the lights will turn on. or when I open the door I won’t want the motion sensor on the porch announcing someone is here. so it won’t go off if the door has opened within the last x number of minutes.

I’ll let other speak to the potential use of custom code for this (I can code but I don’t want to), but there’s a very straightforward way to do this using IFTTT.

There is a SmartThings channel on IFTTT. This is a very good thing. The new IFTTT “Do” button can also be set up as a widget.

So you can do this without any presence detection at all. Just set up an IFTTT button that opens your garage door. Take out the phone, tap the widget, the door opens.

There is also an IFTTT geolocation channel that uses your smart phone, and you could try using that to see if it works better for you.

Most geolocation based on cell phone uses a combination of GPS and Wi-Fi. The problem with this is that, as you’ll find from pretty much any app that uses it, is that the minimum distance is 500 feet, and it sometimes, although not always, bounces around a little.

Still another option is to sign up for the life 360 service, And use that with smart things. Some people report better geolocation with that option.

But if all you want is a little button that’s always on top on your smart phone that opens your garage door, the ifttt do option is worth looking at.

I think a voice-activated “I’m Home” or “Goodnight” from the user to the SmartHub or smart device (not sure if there are any voice input/microphones out there that will interface with ST)., whereby this would trigger the events (lights on/off, door locked/unlocked, etc.).

Also, I’m really impressed by some of the “Jarvis” (from Iron Man) capabilities for home automation (basically voice activated home automation or smart homes). However, I think the hardware/devices would need to be created (ie wireless/z-wave/Bluetooth ceiling speakers) or worked through prior to getting to a personal assistant like Jarvis (or Siri/Cortana) for the home.

Finally, have you thought about multimedia integration, like TVs or Hone Theater PersonalComputers (HTPCs)? I love using Plex, but unless it is linked to an approved DLNA output/TV, it doesn’t really do any good… Perhaps ST could interface?

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There are several existing voice control options for smartthings using hardware, or using voice assistants like Siri or Cortana.

They’re a little clunky yet, but they work.

(I’m quadriparetic, so I follow the voice options very closely.)

For hardware options, you can use Ubi or IVEE. Different people have different successes with these.

For voice assistants, hey Siri combined with ifttt works quite well. That’s what I’m using, and I plan to add an Apple Watch when it comes out. You could use the same method with Cortana.

Those using android, either a tablet or a phone, have an option using paid software that includes Tasker and sharptools.

There’s also one official voice implementation for smartthings using the Samsung Gear S watch. It can only do Hello Home Phrases, but does exactly what you asked for in your first paragraph. :wink:

All of these are discussed in the following forum topic:

This is my next app to tackle…

I’m going to make a one size fits all app… So it won’t just be for door locks… etc.

This ones gonna be tough…

I may not been seen for a while ;)…


New update to the ST IOS mobile app now let’s you set up a widget on the notification screen to execute a Hello Home Action, this should do what you asked for. :blush:

Tim, I’m kind of late here but here is something that might be useful to those of us who use ST for elder care.
It would be nice to be able to look at a summary of the activity feed from all devices in a graphical format . A timeline might be one way but a radial clock of the last 12 hours might be good too.
That way I can see from one page that Mom is moving around the apartment and was last in the bedroom x minutes ago. Or that her presence sensor was away for x long ( she went downstairs to the dining room for dinner).
Further and probably beyond the scope of ST. One might be able to look for unusual behaviour.
eg: constantly wandering between rooms or opening a closing the front door.
So another way of looking at existing data might be really helpful to some.
I’m a newbie so apologies if there is this function already and I don’t know about it.


This is something I’ve been thinking about getting into. It would require a lot of work… BUT I think it’s something that is totally worth it!


There is one smart app built into the elder care section where you can track that there has not been motion in an area for a while. It’s intended for someone who left the bedroom, usually to go to the bathroom, but has not come back to the bedroom. But it’s pretty simple, there’s no activity over time graph.

Another option which is also nice and is included, is the jawbone up fitness tracker reporting. This just shows you the number of steps taken for the day. But it’s another bit of information if you have that device.

It would definitely be nice to have something much more extensive, though. :blush:

Thanks Tim, I’ll stay tuned.

Hey Tim… was wondering if you were ever able to do anything with this? Appreciate any help you are able to provide… thx.

I haven’t but I will :). Send me a PM with how you want it to work and I’ll get something over to you to test.

Tim I don’t know if you are still accepting submissions but here goes :smile:

I want an app that will send an alert when the AC turns on to cool (Nest) and there is a window open

Pet peeve of mine when the AC has been running for hours and the downstairs window is wide open.

Let me know what you think.

@ericksonrs PM me the device type code you are using. I already have something that does this I’ll just need to change some commands for it work work with nest i think…

Hey @craiginpa I know this is an old post but have you seen:

Claims to detect all sorts of leaks throughout the house. I think wemo just came out with something like that too. I too have “fixed” my toilet to find the flapper still not making a perfect seal at times and have wished for something like this.

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Great thoughts, greatly appreciated.

For both the pre-announced Belkin Wemo Water and kickstarter’ed WaterHero I can’t tell how well they’ll each be at distinguishing toilet flapper leakage vs. my reverse osmosis water filter under the kitchen sink. I’m also concerned that at least WaterHero charges an extra recurring fee for TXT message alerts and data history. (The incremental cost to them per sensor to retain a couple of weeks data and send TXT alerts is almost nothing but their monthly/annual charges will eventually add up to more than their price of their hardware, and the hardware have little value without alerting without having to keep their basic app running.) I’ll look forward to seeing what kind of user reviews come out for those when those products exist. Thanks again for the heads-up.


Yea we expect a lot of stuff for no recurring fees. ST included. I think we all need to pay the piper to get what we want.

Absolutely, but not $'s for things that cost pennies. The “fixed cost” of development and infrastructure should be built into the initial purchase price. People shouldn’t be charged repeatedly dollars for things that incrementally only cost pennies. Greedy nickel-and-diming behavior drives customers away to competitors. Sure, if someone wants a year of data retained that might be an extra, but some TXT alerts and couple or few weeks of logs shouldn’t mean extra charges. Same thing as traditional security companies learned the hard way, driving customers away to alternatives like ST’s kickstarter offer and cheap alarm monitoring service companies.